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Goal 2. Harness the power of materials data

Objective 1.
Accelerate Materials R&D Deployment Through the Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Encourage more “AI-ready” materials R&D data

wound film capacitors

Creating the next generation of wound film capacitors. See

  • Build upon FAIR data policies to ensure more AI-ready datasets.

  • Incentivize the implementation of FAIR data practices.

  • Provide tools to assess the quality of data.

  • Develop and incentivize the adoption of community-developed metadata standards.

  • Remove barriers to AI-driven materials R&D for U.S. manufacturing

    • Demonstrate application of materials-informed AI approaches to in operando manufacturing processes.

    • Translate autonomous R&D techniques from the laboratory to the shop floor.

    • Promote AI-driven techniques through workshops, symposia, and the articulation of third-millenium problems.

MGI Impact Stories

Ensuring reproducibility in the application of AI to materials R&D

Using ARES OS™ software to build your own autonomous research robot