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NSF Director Panchanathan headlines the Canadian Science Policy Conference in Ottawa, signs international collaboration arrangement

Mon, 2023-11-20 12:54
In mid-November, U.S. National Science Foundation Director Sethuraman Panchanathan traveled to Ottawa, Canada, where he signed a bilateral research arrangement during a ceremony hosted by the U.S. Ambassador to Canada. He also served as a featured…

Novel bacterial proteins from seafloor shine light on climate and astrobiology

Thu, 2023-11-16 09:00
Gigatons of greenhouse gas are trapped under the seafloor, and that's a good thing. Around the coasts of the continents, where slopes sink down into the sea, tiny cages of ice trap methane gas, preventing it from escaping and bubbling up into the…

Caribbean parrots thought to be endemic are relicts of millennial-scale extinction

Thu, 2023-11-16 09:00
In a study supported in part by the U.S. National Science Foundation and published in the journal PNAS, researchers have extracted the first ancient DNA from Caribbean parrots, which they compared with genetic sequences from modern birds. Working…

Milestone for novel atomic clock

Tue, 2023-11-14 10:07
An international research team has taken a decisive step toward a new generation of atomic clocks. By using nuclear, rather than electronic, transitions in atomic scandium, researchers at the European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser facility have made an…

Making hydrogen from waste plastic could pay for itself

Tue, 2023-11-14 10:07
Hydrogen is viewed as a promising alternative to fossil fuel, but the methods used to make it either generate too much carbon dioxide or are too expensive. Now, Rice University researchers have found a way to harvest hydrogen from plastic waste using…

NSF Director Panchanathan attends Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce 2023 Ovation Gala, receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Mon, 2023-11-13 09:50
On Nov. 4, U.S. National Science Foundation Director Sethuraman Panchanathan traveled to Austin, Texas, where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce (GAACC). The award was presented during GAACC's…

NSF and partners kick off the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Pilot Program

Thu, 2023-11-09 16:26
On Nov. 7, representatives from federal agencies, academia and the private sector gathered at the U.S. National Science Foundation to kick off a collaborative process to design a pilot program for a National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource…

Earthworms contribute to 6.5% of global grain production

Thu, 2023-11-09 10:00
Earthworms are important drivers of global food production, contributing to approximately 6.5% of grain yield and 2.3% of legumes produced worldwide each year, according to new work published by Colorado State University scientists in the journal…

Making AI smarter with an artificial, multisensory integrated neuron

Thu, 2023-11-09 10:00
The feel of a cat's fur can reveal some information, but seeing the feline provides critical details: Is it a housecat or a lion? While the sound of fire crackling may be ambiguous, its scent confirms the burning wood. Our senses synergize to give a…

Study shows that a single neuron’s parallel outputs can coordinate many aspects of behavior

Tue, 2023-11-07 10:44
A new MIT study funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation focuses on a single cell in one of nature’s simplest nervous systems. It provides an in-depth illustration of how individual neurons can use multiple means to drive complex behaviors.In…

Researchers advance topological superconductors for quantum computing

Tue, 2023-11-07 10:43
Quantum computers process information using quantum bits, or qubits, based on fragile, short-lived quantum mechanical states. To make qubits robust and tailor them for applications, researchers from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National…