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Department of Defense

2024/07/18 DARPA Brings Next-Gen US Microelectronics Manufacturing Closer to Reality

DARPA - Thu, 2024-07-18 00:00
The Next-Generation Microelectronics Manufacturing program, known as NGMM, aims to unlock accessible prototyping for the chips of tomorrow with a new agreement to establish the first-ever national center for advancing U.S.-based microelectronics manufacturing.
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2024/07/17 DARPA to Bring AI Cyber Challenge Semifinal Competition to DEF CON 32

DARPA - Wed, 2024-07-17 00:00
From August 9-11, in Las Vegas, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in collaboration with the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) will hold the AI Cyber Challenge (AIxCC) Semifinal Competition event at DEF CON 32 - one of the world's largest cybersecurity conferences - at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The AIxCC Experience will feature programming from AI and cybersecurity experts throughout the event.
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2024/07/16 Moving Quantum Computing from Hype to Prototype

DARPA - Tue, 2024-07-16 00:00
DARPA is starting a new effort to examine industrial quantum computing. The Quantum Benchmarking Initiative (QBI) will benchmark quantum computing applications and algorithms as well as significantly expand our efforts to validate quantum computer hardware progress. DARPA's goal is to determine if it's possible to actually build an industrially useful quantum computer much faster than conventional predictions.
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2024/07/10 Everyday Life, Improved by Light: GRYPHON’s Photonic Discoveries

DARPA - Wed, 2024-07-10 00:00
Radio frequency (RF) and microwave signals are integral carriers of information for technology that enriches our everyday life - cellular communication, automotive radar sensors, and GPS navigation, among others. At the heart of each system is a single-frequency RF or microwave source, the stability and spectral purity of which is critical. While these sources are designed to generate a signal at a precise frequency, in practice the exact frequency is blurred by phase noise, arising from component imperfections and environmental sensitivity, that compromises ultimate system-level performance.
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2024/07/09 Bringing Programmability and Long-Term Stability to Biomanufacturing Processes

DARPA - Tue, 2024-07-09 00:00
DARPA's Switch program aims to develop a suite of tools and approaches to engineer run-time reprogrammable microorganisms that support a variety of possible manufacturing processes
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2024/06/28 Voices from DARPA Podcast Episode 80: Decentralizing Chemistry

DARPA - Fri, 2024-06-28 00:00
In this episode, Dr. Vishnu Sundaresan from our Defense Sciences Office highlights several technology programs designed to precisely control chemical processes to enable distributed, small-batch manufacturing of chemical products while retaining efficiencies of large-scale industrial production.
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2024/06/24 Meet DARPA’s Newest X-plane: XRQ-73

DARPA - Mon, 2024-06-24 00:00
The Series Hybrid Electric Propulsion AiRcraft Demonstration program, known as SHEPARD, sees it's hybrid-electric uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) receive its official X-plane designation, XRQ-73. The aircraft will be a Group 3 UAS weighing approximately 1,250 pounds; first flight is expected by year-end 2024.
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2024/06/20 DARPA Researchers Highlight Application Areas for Quantum Computing

DARPA - Thu, 2024-06-20 00:00
Amid efforts to explore quantum computers' transformative potential, one foundational element remains missing from the discussion about quantum: What are the benchmarks that predict whether tomorrow's quantum computers will be truly revolutionary? In 2021, DARPA's Quantum Benchmarking program kicked off with the goal of reinventing the metrics critical to measuring quantum computing progress and applying scientific rigor to often unsubstantiated claims about quantum computing's future promise.
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2024/06/05 Improving Warfighter Alertness Safely Without Off-Target Effects

DARPA - Wed, 2024-06-05 00:00
Active-duty conditions may lead to sleep loss, which can impair warfighter alertness and performance. Current state-of-the-art approaches for maintaining alertness following sleep deprivation include the use of drugs such as caffeine, and for U.S. military personnel undergoing long-duration training or missions, prescription stimulants, such as dextroamphetamine, may be prescribed. These stimulants have been shown to improve performance on vigilance tasks, alertness, and cognitive performance, but they can also negatively impact mood, have the potential for addiction, and may demonstrate a long circulation time in the bloodstream, which can negatively impact sleep. Over time, a cumulative lack of restorative sleep can adversely impact not only warfighter alertness and cognition, but also metabolic, immune, and mental health.
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2024/05/29 Creating the AIQ Test: Mathematical Foundations for AI Evaluations

DARPA - Wed, 2024-05-29 00:00
DARPA has been a long-term investor in AI research and development. With the influx of large language models, the agency continues to invest in areas that show promise in filling the fundamental gaps between state-of-the-art systems and national security applications, including the Defense Department's mission-critical needs. As decision-making becomes faster due to generative AI, the agency seeks to develop mathematical foundations for assessing generative AI and providing guarantees necessary to deploy the technology safely and effectively across the DoD and society.
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2024/05/28 Safely Inhibiting Gene Editors

DARPA - Tue, 2024-05-28 00:00
The DARPA Broad-Spectrum Antagonists For Editors, or B-SAFE, program aims to develop platform technologies for highly potent inhibitors for multiple classes, types, and species of editors with enhanced activity, utility, and breadth of coverage.
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2024/05/22 DARPA Shows Concepts for the Future of VTOL Uncrewed Aerial Systems

DARPA - Wed, 2024-05-22 00:00
DARPA's AdvaNced airCraft Infrastructure-Less Launch And RecoverY program, known as ANCILLARY, shows six design concepts for a low-weight, large-payload, long-endurance VTOL uncrewed X-plane. The innovative configurations and critical technology designs come from a wide array of performers, from small start-up to legacy aerospace companies, broadening the network of partners contributing to the program.
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2024/05/21 U.S. Cyber Command, DARPA Advance Partnership with New Agreement

DARPA - Tue, 2024-05-21 00:00
Following the creation of the Constellation pilot program launched in 2022 by U.S. Cyber Command and DARPA, the organizations recently signed a new binding agreement establishing the joint governance structure, roles, responsibilities, and budgeting goals to enable future planning.
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2024/05/16 Voices from DARPA Podcast Episode 79: Integrating ELSI

DARPA - Thu, 2024-05-16 00:00
In this episode, we'll be taking a deeper dive into ELSI - ethical, legal, and societal implications of new technologies and capabilities - and specific examples of how DARPA programs have incorporated those considerations into their structure.
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2024/05/10 Catalyzing an Integrated Lunar Economy: Initial Results of the LunA-10 Capability Study

DARPA - Fri, 2024-05-10 00:00
The 10-Year Lunar Architecture (LunA-10) Capability Study aims to catalyze the setup of a future commercial lunar infrastructure framework for peaceful U.S. and international use. DARPA, LunA-10 performers, and the program's Government Integration Team shared the initial findings of their work with the lunar community at the LSIC Spring Meeting.
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2024/05/01 Manta Ray UUV Prototype Completes In-Water Testing

DARPA - Wed, 2024-05-01 00:00
The Manta Ray prototype uncrewed underwater vehicle (UUV) built by performer Northrop Grumman completed full-scale, in-water testing off the coast of Southern California in February and March 2024. Testing demonstrated at-sea hydrodynamic performance, including submerged operations using all the vehicle's modes of propulsion and steering: buoyancy, propellers, and control surfaces.
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2024/05/01 Disruptors Wanted: Microsystems Technology Office Sets Out the Welcome Mat

DARPA - Wed, 2024-05-01 00:00
DARPA's Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) is looking for new ideas, new perspectives, and new people - so office leaders are opening the doors on June 24.
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2024/04/30 Voices from DARPA Podcast Episode 78: Introducing ELSI

DARPA - Tue, 2024-04-30 00:00
As a global leader in innovation, DARPA starts an average of 50 new programs each year. These programs span a variety of technical disciplines to develop breakthrough technologies for national security, all of which have the potential to raise ethical, legal, and societal implication - or, ELSI - considerations.
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2024/04/23 RACER Speeds Into a Second Phase With Robotic Fleet Expansion and Another Experiment Success

DARPA - Tue, 2024-04-23 00:00
DARPA's Robotic Autonomy in Complex Environments with Resiliency (RACER) program successfully tested autonomous movement on a new, much larger fleet vehicle - a significant step in scaling up the adaptability and capability of the underlying RACER algorithms.
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2024/04/22 Acquisition Innovation: From Other Transactions to Fast-Pitch Proposals

DARPA - Mon, 2024-04-22 00:00
A list of DARPA's greatest hits includes technologies that have had a profound and lasting impact - breakthroughs that can, and have, reshaped the world. One innovation less familiar with a broad population has played a pivotal role in breaking down the barriers of government contracting, providing companies a clearer path to contributing to the national security mission.
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