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Automatic Flow for Materials Discovery (AFLOW)

The AFLOW (Automatic-FLOW) is a multi-university-research-consortium aimed to develop, serve and maintain a plethora of online computational frameworks. AFLOW enables researchers to uncover unsuspected compounds, metastable structures and correlations between various characteristics for accelerating technology and materials development.  Currently, the consortium maintains an ample repository of quantum, thermal, structural and elastic properties of inorganic compounds, the high-throughput open-source code used to characterize them, and the online post-processing tools and infrastructure to analyze the data. Plots of band structure and density of states, as well as plots of phase diagrams can be generated. A suite of informatics tools needed for data mining and model building is available and visualization tools provide presentation-ready graphics. AFLOW hosts a world-wide "collaboratory" of scientists, technologists and engineers sharing data, ideas and research initiatives via a REST-API WIKI.